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Address: Mosque on Hua Jue Lane,
Admission Fee: 25 yuan May-Nov, 15 yuan Dec-Feb
Telephone: +86 (0)29 87295212
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Famen Temple


Many temples house treasures and artifacts, but the sheer quantity and quality of treasures in the Famen Temple is rare in china. Famen Temple is a Buddhism Temple located around 120 kilometer west of Xiancity,Shaanxi province. The temple gained the name Famen (which means the initial approach to become a Buddhist believer) in the Tang dynasty when a wooden four-storey structure was built replacing the original Ashoka Stupa built in the Eastern Han dynasty. The temple with the "the Real Spirit Pagoda," in it enjoyed the reputation of being the "forefather of pagodas and temples in Central Shaanxi," because it held the finger bones of Sakyamuni - the founder of Buddhism.


The original temple was built in the East Han Dynasty, some 1,100 years ago. During the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220AD) to store a relic of Buddha's finger bone. In 1987 the largest Buddhist underground palace in China was also discovered here. The original pagoda did not survive the intervening centuries, although its crypt was not looted. In Ming times, a new pagoda was erected over the crypt. When the Ming pagoda collapsed in 1981, archaeologists discovered and opened the crypt, where they found the original Ashokan relic, along with many Tang-era treasures including gilded statues, nested reliquaries, precious cultural relics, incense burners, and other precious objects. In order to preserve these rare treasures, Famen Temple Museum was built in 1989. All kinds of dry goods like treasures and artifacts are housed in it. a gold-plating Buddhist abbot's staff is the oldest and biggest Buddhist object ever found among the treasures. It also includes 13 pieces of royal china that could not be made today because the techniques of making them have already disappeared.

Nowadays, Famen Temple, which is the most famous Buddhist temple, plays a sovereign role in Chinese Buddhism, and appeals to tourists from all over the world.

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